SotA Bricks

Produced by: Joseph Drasin
Website: SotA Bricks

Joseph Drasin, feeling inspired by Rustic Dragon’s Hearth of Britannia concept and the many Dragonsmeets that have been held in its name, decided to put his considerable skills with LEGO to work, and fashioned his interpretation of the Hearth out of same:

It’s a wonderfully detailed rendering of a medieval pub. And to populate it, the good Mr. Drasin fashioned some special guests for the Hearth:

Indeed, his rendering was so good, it is being considered for addition into Shroud of the Avatar:

Since then, Joseph has expanded upon this idea to create a line of Shroud of the Avatar-themed LEGO models:

Joseph has made plots of many of his creations available, in the LEGO Digital Designer file format.

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