Hearth of Britannia

Produced by: Rustic Dragon
Website: Hearth of Britannia

In absence of a concise description from Rustic Dragon himself, here’s the explanation of the project he offered during his celebration party marking the success of the Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter campaign:

Of course, you could also just check out the project website and infer its intent; Rustic Dragon clearly means to create an archive of recipes reflecting the regional cuisines and tastes of Britannia…or, at least, his interpretation thereof. And some of the initial experiments look very tasty indeed!

So tasty, in fact, that none other than Richard Garriott himself has contracted Rustic Dragon to cater the Lords of the Manor event, which will be held for the highest-level Shroud of the Avatar backers at Gariott’s New York City home in early November!

Rustic Dragon has also expanded the Hearth’s mandate somewhat: he held a fundraising drive for Shroud of the Avatar in August of 2013 (which raised $12,999 for the project in total), and has also been hosting regular Dragonsmeets wherein Ultima fans can come together and discuss their favourite subject.

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