The Village of Recluse

Produced by: The Mad Hermit
Website: The Village of Recluse
Forum: The Mad Hermit’s “Village of Recluse” Self Guided Home Tour

If you’ve missed the various pre-alpha Shroud of the Avatar releases that have been held to date, but want to get a bit of a taste of…well, of at least some of the player houses that will appear in the game, The Mad Hermit has you covered. Being a Developer+ backer of Shroud, he has of course obtained the various asset kits that Portalarium has released over the last few months, and has created a small village (which he calls “Recluse”) using Unity.

And, better still, he has published it using Unity’s Web Player, so you can access and play it in your browser.

The entrance to the village.
The entrance to the village.

It’s not…overly representative of how Shroud of the Avatar plays, but graphically there is a fair bit of similarity. And the house assets are straight from Portalarium, and should more or less match what you will find in the game proper.

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