Minecraft Scene Jam: Shroud of the Avatar’s Underworld

Produced by: AvatarAcid
Website: Minecraft Scene Jam — Shroud of the Avatar’s Underworld @ PlanetMinecraft

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AvatarAcid’s excellent Minecraft creations should be familiar to those of you who frequent the Ultima Codex. He has recently expanded his efforts, however, to include not just Ultima, but also Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar among his inspirations.

To that end, he decided to participate in the second Unity Scene Jam put on by Portalarium, the subject of which was New Britannia’s Underworld — also known as “The Catacombs” — in his own unique way: by creating an Underworld scene in Minecraft.

As you can see, it’s a gorgeous example of scene-making in Minecraft, something AvatarAcid has become quite proficient at. He has taken an interesting approach to the challenge, and Portalarium’s description of the centuries-spanning history of the Catacombs, by including a futuristic feature (a cryo chamber)…suggesting that prior to the cataclysm that plunged the world into a dark age, at least some of New Britannia’s cultures may well have been quite technologically advanced.

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