Sun Magic

Magical spells in Shroud of the Avatar are divided into two categories: active spells (illustrated below in yellow) and innate spells (illustrated in white). Active spells are used by the player during combat to produce a desired effect (e.g. a fireball), whereas innate spells are constantly active and increase the effects of other skills or equipment (e.g. “buffs”).

Sun magic is concerned with providing a countermeasure to stealth effects and abilities.


Active Sun Spells
Innate Sun Spells

Light: Summons a bright light. If cast out of combat it summons a bright light over the caster that travels with them. If cast on an enemy, it puts a light directly over their head that gives players attack bonuses and lights the scene
Blind: Curse that reduces the attacks of targeted creature
Blinding Armor: Attackers have % chance to have their attacks reduced by blinding flashes
Searing Ray: Direct damage spell
Destroy Shadows: Direct Damage, extra damage to “Shadow/Night” creatures
Enlightenment: Intelligence buff
Reveal Hidden: Dispel concealment spells
Summon Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix
Sun Worship: Buffs base stats while in sunlight
Sun Eater: extra % HP per sec while in sunlight


1. Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills

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