Moon Magic

Magical spells in Shroud of the Avatar are divided into two categories: active spells (illustrated below in yellow) and innate spells (illustrated in white). Active spells are used by the player during combat to produce a desired effect (e.g. a fireball), whereas innate spells are constantly active and increase the effects of other skills or equipment (e.g. “buffs”).

Moon magic is concerned with stealth.


Active Moon Spells
Innate Moon Spells

Night Vision: Ups the Ambient light level
Vanish: Makes the player difficult to see as long as he stands still
Shadow form: Makes the player appear only as a shadow
Fascinate: A mesmerizing type spell
Summon Wil-o-wisp: A light source pet that fights for you
Celestial blessing: Increases resistance towards magic
Moon Glow: Glow that produces a damage buff but has % to do defense debuff
Moonlight Trance: Buffs focus regen rate on allies. Debuffs focus regen on hostiles
Moon Worship: Buffs base stats while in moonlight
Moon Eater: extra % HP per sec while in moonlight


1. Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills

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