Fire Magic

Magical spells in Shroud of the Avatar are divided into two categories: active spells (illustrated below in yellow) and innate spells (illustrated in white). Active spells are used by the player during combat to produce a desired effect (e.g. a fireball), whereas innate spells are constantly active and increase the effects of other skills or equipment (e.g. “buffs”).

Fire magic is concerned with inflicting damage over time.


Active Fire Spells
Innate Fire Spells

Flame Fist: Short Range Direct Damage with DOT
Fire Arrow: Ranged Direct Damage with DOT
Fire Ball: Ranged Direct Damage with DOT and AoE
Immolation: Surrounds player with flames, attackers have % chance to be hit fire
Ring of Fire: Targeted AoE with duration of X time
Ignite Weapon: Adds fire damage to target’s currently equipped weapon for X time
Summon Fire Elemental: Summons Fire Elemental who attacks enemy targets
Highly Flammable: Fire DOTs last longer and Fire Damage increased
Fire Reach: Increase Range and Radius of Fire Spells
Fire Proof: Increases fire resistance


1. Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills

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