Death Magic

Magical spells in Shroud of the Avatar are divided into two categories: active spells (illustrated below in yellow) and innate spells (illustrated in white). Active spells are used by the player during combat to produce a desired effect (e.g. a fireball), whereas innate spells are constantly active and increase the effects of other skills or equipment (e.g. “buffs”).

Death magic is concerned with stealing life for the caster from enemies, and summoning the undead.


Active Death Spells
Innate Death Spells

Death Touch: Very short range hit point transfer
Death Ray: Ranged hit point transfer
Death Field: AoE hit point transfer
Death Shield: Some % of damage from attacks against Death Shield become hit point transfers
Corpse Explosion: Make a corpse explode
Animate Dead: Creates a zombie from a corpse, skeleton if no corpse is targeted
Summon Undead: Summons an Undead to fight for summoner
Death Mastery: Life transfers give more hit points
Undead Mastery: Summoned Undead are stronger
Mummified Undead: Summoned Undead decay slower


1. Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills

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