Air Magic

Magical spells in Shroud of the Avatar are divided into two categories: active spells (illustrated below in yellow) and innate spells (illustrated in white). Active spells are used by the player during combat to produce a desired effect (e.g. a fireball), whereas innate spells are constantly active and increase the effects of other skills or equipment (e.g. “buffs”).

Air magic is concerned with electrical attacks, speed, and dexterity.


Active Air Spells
Innate Air Spells

Gust: Push target back with stun chance (can also flip switches at range)
Dash: Move speed buff
Air’s Embrace: Dexterity buff
Blink: Instantly move to nearby spot that you could walk to
Discharge: Short range AoE from caster of electric damage with Stun Chance
Lightning: Ranged lightning attack with Stun Chance
Chain Lightning: Ranged lightning attack that chains with Stun Chance
Air Elemental: Summons Air elemental
Rapid discharge: Increase stun effects
Well Grounded: Increase electrical resistance


1. Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills

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