Blocks of the Avatar

Produced by: The Poets’ Circle
Website: The Shroud of the Avatar Minecraft Server
Dynamic Map:

Blocks of the Avatar, The Shroud of the Avatar Minecraft Server, is just that: a custom Minecraft server run by Holt Ironfell and the Poets’ Circle guild, the world for which is a massive interpretation of the New Britannian continent that serves as the setting for the first Shroud of the Avatar chapter, Forsaken Virtues.

The project has a handful of goals in mind, including enabling concept development for Shroud of the Avatar, mockup of assets that can then be delivered to developers at Portalarium, and education of players in the toolsets related to — and execution of — large-scale projects. Players will be asked to create towns, gather citizens, and even build nations, all within a framework of survival role-playing.

And if these screenshots are anything to go by, Blocks of the Avatar has already attracted some significant talent:

Access to the server is whitelist-controlled; interested players must contact Holt Ironfell in order to apply for access. Subscribing to the Poets’ Circle newsletter might also be a good idea, as server update information is relayed by that means.

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